Astrological (Zodiac) Candles



7 oz | Cotton Wick | Burn Time: 30 Hrs

🕯️✨ Immerse yourself in the cosmic energy as each candle in this limited-edition collection is uniquely crafted to resonate with the essence of the zodiac signs.

🔥 Ignite the passion of Aries with a warm and invigorating scent.

🌿 Connect with the earthy vibes of Taurus through a grounding and soothing aroma.

💡 Illuminate your space with the intellectual and airy fragrance inspired by Gemini.

🌻 Immerse in the nurturing and comforting scent aligned with Cancer's energy.

🔆 Experience the bold and confident aura of Leo through our vibrant candle.

💙 Dive into the tranquil and serene vibes of Virgo with a calming aroma.

⚖️ Achieve balance with the harmonious and peaceful scent inspired by Libra.

🌑 Embrace the mysterious and intense fragrance reflecting Scorpio's energy.

🏹 Unleash the adventurous spirit of Sagittarius with an invigorating aroma.

🌊 Immerse in the dreamy and imaginative scent resonating with Pisces.


  • Capricorn - Cucumber Melon
  • Aquarius - Lemon Verbena, Bergamot, Rosewood
  • Pisces - Peony, Sea Salt, Marine
  • Taurus - Magnolia Peony
  • Gemini - Georgia Peach
  • Cancer - Caramel Tobacco
  • Scorpio - Coconut Milk, Cedarwood, Tonka Bean, Musk, Jasmine
  • Leo - Patchouli Orange
  • Aries - Spiced Cinnamon Vanilla
  • Libra - Grapefruit and gardenia
  • Virgo - Rose Bud, Cardamom, Amber, Sandalwood
  • Sagittarius - Sweet Cashmere